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Your Go-To Custom Home in Libertyville

If you are looking for custom home builders, you want to make sure that you’ve chosen a company that you can trust.

Lotz Custom Carpentry is your go-to custom carpenter company with the knowledge and background on how to create the space of your dreams.

Let us be the team that helps you create your dream home.

We offer full-service home building from design to location and development and want to cater to you throughout the entire process. It’s your home and we’re the guests!

Contact our team today to get your project started when looking for the best Custom Home in Libertyville!

Experienced Company for your Custom Home in Libertyville

Can’t find your forever home on the market? Have you thought about building your dream home yourself? When it comes to building a Custom Home in Libertyville, Lotz Custom Carpentry is the best choice. We’re a company that will create a space for you to live, grow, entertain, and relax!

At Lotz Custom Carpentry, our team will provide all our customers with the finest hand-crafted custom carpentry from start to finish. We create better homes for our customers by doing better work, with a professional attitude.

We start with the design you’re looking for and stay with it all the way through your final inspection. We want to make sure you’re in love with your home and you have all of the features you want

We’re the Custom Home in Libertyville that you can trust because we believe in creating a better home by doing better work.

We combine experience with passion and support you create the home of your dreams.

If you’re thinking about building the vision of your dream home, don’t hesitate to contact the team of professionals at Lotz Custom Carpentry and let them be your group of Custom Home in Libertyville.

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